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Recruit & Retain

Everything you need to recruit and retain.

When you affiliate with RE/MAX®, you’ll receive access to a variety of marketing and advertising resources that can enhance your recruiting and retention efforts.

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The Build Your Business with RE/MAX campaign.

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Your recruiting website, designed to act as a guide for each prospective agent and help with your pitch.

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Digital & Social Posts

Continuous advertising, including social media, will help keep the RE/MAX name in front of current and prospective agents.

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Print Resources

Showcase the RE/MAX culture, along with your unique mission, vision and values through a selection of printed resources.

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Educational Sessions and Resources

Weekly Master Classes and annual Growth Summit Retreats will provide peer-driven best practices and insights into recruiting, agent development and retention.

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Monthly Recruiting Events

Invite your top prospects and current agents to a series of monthly events that highlight the marketing, tools, technology and resources RE/MAX has to offer.

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Private Online Broker Community

Mastermind and connect with RE/MAX brokers from around the world who are open to sharing what works well for them, insights into competitors, success stories and more.